Video Production & Design Consulting

video creating and editing

Video Creation & Editing

If you are looking to have a video filmed, edited or color graded I would love to work with you! I do videos in San Diego California, and am available to travel as well. I also work remotely on editing and color grading projects. Just like your audio, your edits and color grading, make up so much of the overall viewer experience and quality of your videos.


Are you looking to put together your own professional or hobbyist recording studio, or to start doing podcasts or creating other content?

We will take out the guesswork.

When it comes to these types of endeavors, it’s far too easy to spend a lot of money on things you might not really need, and later realize that you don’t have the remaining budget to complete your project.

Design consulting project for podcast studio:

podcast studio design

Audio and video technologies are huge industries, and the sheer amount of research it takes to make informed and financially efficient purchases is somewhat of an art and a science.

We are constantly staying current with the technologies coming in and going out.

Contracting us as consultants will not only make your dollars go further, but we can train you on how to use the equipment you purchase as well.

Some of our work:

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