Spring Valley Recording Studio

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Star Lux Studio is based in the city of Spring Valley in Southern California. We serve San Diego County locally and the world remotely.

We are a content creation and music recording studio that offers many services including music production, video editing, design consulting, and music lessons.

Spring Valley Recording Studio

At Star Lux Studio we utilize an array of recording interfaces allowing us to record up to 14 tracks simultaneously.

The industry-leading workhorse interface we use is Universal Audio’s Apollo Twin Duo MKII paired with an Apollo Satellite Octo.

This combination allows for some SERIOUS tonal creation utilizing UAD’s Unison Preamps, and any of the 200+ groundbreaking UAD plugins we use with this system.

The other interface we use is the classic 8 channel Steinberg MR-816 X which has excellent Yamaha D-PRE preamps. It’s an older unit, but the quality is still very high because of its good AD converters and clocking.

And of course, we have a wide array of Microphones, to fit any session.


We mix in a treated sonic environment with: 

  • Yamaha HS-80 Studio Monitors
  • JBL LSR310S Powered Studio Subwoofer
  • AKG Headphones
  • 24 MIDI Fader controllers and 8 Rotary Knobs

As a rule, ear resting breaks are mandatory in lengthy production or mixing sessions. It’s a bad habit to work with ear fatigue, so we take the time to work properly and get it right. And of course, ear resting breaks are off the clock!


Do you need professional mastering for your music or other audio/video projects, or perhaps even the tracks we may have recorded, mixed, or produced for you in-house?

We use the highest quality mastering plugins available from both Universal Audio, and Waves.

Not only does our mastering sound great, but we also take the time to master your songs individually and meticulously, making sure that your levels are uniform between tracks and throughout your album or project.

We really focus on getting the dynamics and equalizers working just right, as well as creating a larger stereo field, with tons of depth.


If you would like us to produce some tracks for you that you’ve already recorded somewhere else, we have a great selection of tools to accomplish that.

I can safely say that very few if any, studios in town have a selection of software plugins comparable to us.

We use plugins from Universal Audio, Waves and Native Instruments, and I am proud to say that all of the software we use is 100% legal. That may sound like a funny thing to brag about, but unfortunately, many people are operating studios with pirated software.

In our sessions, we are utilizing technologies that are at the pinnacle of the audio world today.

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Audio Mixing, Mastering and Training for Social Media

Every day billions of videos are viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.

The number one problem that I see over and over, is great-looking videos that have poor audio, or audio levels that jump around so much that they lose viewer retention. It’s not a complicated problem.

It’s just a problem that you may not have the tools or expertise to fix. Many content creators are so focused on the visual aspect of their videos that they might not even give the audio a second thought.

Fortunately for all your content creators out there, I have the tools, knowledge, and training to help you take your videos to the next level, and increase your viewer retention!

It’s a very important part of who you are as a content creator, and I want to help you represent yourself and your brand at the highest possible level.

Or if you’re more of the DIY type I also offer training that includes sample audio, and video for you to practice on, and submit back to me so I can tell you what you did right, and things you can improve on in the future. Audio is a vast and varied world, but it doesn’t have to be a mysterious one.

I’ve trained hundreds of people in audio and music since 2005, and I’d love to train you as well.

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