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If you are looking for top quality music lessons from a professional instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience, and 100,000+ lessons taught, then look no further.

Spring Valley Guitar Lessons

We offer private lessons at competitive rates in the following instruments:

Guitar: Classical, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, R&B, Country, Swing, Flamenco, and Heavy Metal.

Bass: Rock, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, Country, R&B, and Heavy Metal.

Singing & Vocals: Many styles including Rock, Pop, R&B, Rap, Classical, Country, but excluding Metal screaming or growling.

Group Lessons: If you, a friend or family member, or your children are of a similar skill level and would like to take some group lessons together, we also offer special rates for groups!

Lessons are also available for Banjo, Ukulele, Music Theory, Songwriting, Lyrics, Composition, Music Production, Beat Making, Ableton Live, Recording and Engineering Techniques.

We also offer lessons purely in Technique, so if you have been playing a fretted instrument for a while, but feel like you never learned proper technique, we can show you some of the secrets to playing with relaxed hands, a light touch, and a connection with your instrument that you may have yet to experience.

Give us a call to schedule your Spring Valley guitar lessons just below.

Here’s a shot from inside the studio as guitarist Zack Coffman plays the first solo from Bireli Lagrene’s Tears:


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