Star lux studio

meet tom

Founder, Star Lux Studio

Star Lux Studio has been open for over 4 years at The Business Center of La Mesa building. I operate a recording studio and give music lessons.

Our mission is to help artists grow, no matter what stage you’re at in your music journey.

What Makes Star Lux Studio Unique?
The diversity of my experience. I’ve worked in many styles of music including Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, Heavy Metal, Country, Reggae and more…

Extraordinary Experiences

I started going to Grossmont College at age 16 to study Classical Guitar and Audio Recording.

I had great teachers like Fred Benedetti and Celino Romero. They changed my life in such a positive way, so I wanted to do that for others too. Because of that, I got the chance to start teaching at Alan’s Music Center in 2005, and I never looked back.

Our Core Values

I want to work with musicians, students and content creators from the ground up, to help them reach their goals, and see them through from every point of the process. 

I want to show my clients not only what they can improve on, but identify what their strengths are, and how we can make them even stronger.


For any inquiries please call or email:

(619) 343-9744

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